Suzuki Parent Education Email Templates

Brecklyn Ferrin - Plucky Violin Teacher
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Do you struggle to get your studio parents to practice with their children?  

Do they interrupt the flow of the lesson to correct or "help" their child?  

Are listening and review not happening at home?

I spent years complaining and moaning about these very issues in my studio, when one day, I asked myself this question.

Am I doing an adequate job educating my studio parents about the Suzuki method?  The answer was no.  

Any perceived "failings" on the part of my studio parents stemmed from the fact that I had no system for teaching new parents about the Suzuki method! 

This was great news for me, and if you're in the same boat as I was, it's great news for you too!  It's totally within our power to change the culture in our studios.  

These email templates are the ones I use when I bring new families into my studio.  Occasionally, a parent is scared off when they see what is truly required, but this isn't a bad thing.  It's great!  If we are being upfront with parents and students who do not want a truly Suzuki experience, we have more room (and energy!) for the families that do.  

All proceeds from the sale of these templates go towards hosting and maintenance of the Plucky Violin Teacher blog and coming podcast!


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Suzuki Parent Education Email Templates

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